Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New friends

Addie must have made a big impression on Grace. Addie attends Grace's preschool two days per week when her mom is working. Grace is there all day, every day. But, even though they only see each other a couple of days each week, Addie is someone Grace talks about all the time. A few weeks ago she asked me if Addie could come to our house to play. Hmmmm.....this was new to me. It was the first time Grace had a friend that wasn't the child of one of my friends. So, I invited Addie and her mom over on Sunday afternoon to talk and play. It was a really great afternoon. I always welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded, educated women with children the same age. And, it is so important for Grace to have friends to play and share with. I think the girls had a lot of fun icing and decorating cupcakes, making a craft, and just playing with toys. I have to admit, my favorite part was when they took turns doing each other's hair. So cute! And, it is a relief to meet another mom of an almost-4 year old who is trying to figure out the balance of dependence and independence!

For their craft project, Grace and Addie made butterfly visors.

Like a good hostess, Grace helped wash the dishes after Addie and her mom went home. Of course, I had to wash them all again... but she felt like she was helping.... :-)


aamayna said...

How much fun!! Ironic....mayna's bff is an Addie too and she even kind of looks like that addie!! too funny. Our addie can't make it to mayna's bday party and I haven't broken the news yet.... Glad Grace enjoyed her playdate!

cb said...

Friends are important! One of my old friends just found me on Facebook and we are planning a Playdate. The difference; I know her 68 years. She was 3 when we met.
I like the cleaning up Grace..good job.

Phyllis said...

How nice that you help Mommy do things. Your new friend Addie looks nice. I love your visor. You have to bring it with you when you come to Florida.