Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just 4

If you ask Grace how old she is she will tell you, "just four". That is because she had been saying "almost four" for months, and with her birthday 2 days away I told her she can't say "almost" anymore. She IS four!
Tough guy getting ready to play.

These are soccer pictures from this morning. Overall, the experience is much better than last May/June when she was "just three" and stood around holding Kyle's leg the entire time. (She played once in all the weeks we went.) But, I don't think we have a soccer player. She doesn't want to run fast and kick the ball. We see a lot of standing around and watching, standing around and picking dandelions, standing around and staring into space. Then when the coach calls her name and wakes her up from her daydreams, she runs a the back of the pack. Oh, and then, she comes over to the sidelines for a drink of water.I'll admit, we haven't practiced with her. At lunch we asked Grace if she wants to go to the park and practice running and kicking. Maybe we will do that one evening this week before Grace goes back to soccer next Saturday.

Before soccer practice/game so
I guess it is okay to hold the ball!
Do you see how long the grass is?
We have had a lot of rain this spring.
I little dark shadow on Grace's face, but
it is the only one I have of her kicking the ball.
Mostly I have photos of her standing on the field,standing listening to the coach,getting a drink and some sidelines
coaching from the expert,
and getting another drink.But then, there was this glimmer of hope.
At least she was in there near the ball. I think it was because we promised her ice cream!


cathybcareers said...

Such a funny story. I just read it to Ba; he was laughing and laughing. We will go the other computer (Nana is on the mini netbook) and view the whole story a few times in a bigger screen! I love the "tough guy" photo best and the coaching from "the expert"

Kellie said...

I love the picture story. I, for one, am a believer in bribery! Maybe we will come watch her one day soon!

Phyllis said...

Grace, it's ok to be forceful once in a while...especially when your team is depending on you. Aunt Phyl has great faith that you will get it.