Saturday, May 28, 2011

Udderly adorable

Can you guess where Grace was going in this lovely outfit? To the zoo!

Notice the attitude.
Grace was very impatient with me because
I wanted a photo before we left the house.

Kellie and I can't even begin to count the number of times we have been to the zoo since our girls came home.
This year, they changed the petting zoo area, added a bigger train, and you can try your hand at milking a cow! It isn't a real cow (thank goodness!) and you only "milk" water from the udders, but it was a big hit with the kids!


cathybcareers said...

Nana and Ba came home to "my city" and the first thing was to "check the blog". What did we see the girls have a fun adventure. Love the impatient photo and the girls milking the cow.

Kellie said...

I thought it was kind of gross but, the girls were having a blast! I'm glad it was only water!!!

Phyllis said...

Hahahhaha...It looked like Dawson wanted to squirt "milk" into her mouth. What fun that must have been.