Monday, July 18, 2011

Live, learn, and move on

This blog has been a labor of love from Day 1. I can't just let it go. So, I decided to try to stay current with our lives AND try to go back and recreate at least the photos for 2011. That is 87 posts with photos. I have no idea how long it will take me, but I figure I can find time to do a few each week, maybe even one per day.

In the "moving on" category....We had a fun playdate with my friend Carla and her son, Ryan, who is 2 1/2 months older than Grace. Grace and Ryan got along really well and did a fantastic job walking all day in the hot summer sun. (Carla and I refused to pick them up so it was "walk or we go home!").
We went to the Cleveland Zoo to see their new African elephant exhibit, which has been getting great reviews. It was really well done and, unlike some of my friends who have gone recently and only saw one elephant, we saw five!
Ryan was a master with the zoo map. He can't read yet but the little photo icons helped him point out which animals we needed to see next. His sense of direction was amazing. A few times he corrected the adults about where a certain animal was and at the end he informed us (correctly!) that we missed three animals!
Grace tried reading the map, too!
I photographed some of my favorites....giraffes and the polar bear.
But this little "wild thing" will always be my number 1!
Before we left, Grace and Ryan rode a camel. She said it was a bumpy ride and their smiles and giggles as the camel walked around were priceless


cathybcareers said...

Happy you guys (Mama) decided to go from now to the future with the blog.. We love the "labor of love" and enjoy seeing everything happening. The Skype was great tonight. Ba can't start laughing about it and looking forward to tomorrow's events.

Phyllis said...

Grace,isn't it wonderful that Nana has skype? I have it, too, and I would love to speak with you on it. Tell Mama to call me when she is on.