Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What do you want to do today, Grace?

First, let me say "Happy Birthday" to my dad. We love you, Ba!

The one thing Grace kept asking to do in San Fransisco was to go on a boat ride. That seemed like a great choice for a place that has water everywhere! And, finally on Thursday the weather was perfect for a boat excursion to Sausalito.

The 30 minute ferry ride took us into the bay, past Alcatraz on one side and the Golden Gate bridge on the other.
Grace led us up to the very top of the ferry (are you noticing a pattern here?) where the sun kissed our cheeks and the wind blew our hair.
Our first close-up views of Sausalito again reminded me of southern Italy with the houses tucked into the side of the hill. I am guessing the real estate here is about as expensive as that on the Amalfi Coast and the owners are in good shape from carrying groceries up to their homes, just like in Capri.
Grace and I watched the sailing school (you can see the little sailboats in the foreground of this photo) taking place in the harbor as our ferry docked. All along the "bridgeway" there were cute shops, cafes, and galleries that were perfect for window shopping.
We walked along the rocks looking for crabs that were sunning themselves. They scurried to hide in the crevices when we approached. Some of the bigger ones were more bold and remained in view so we could watch them scrape moss from the rock surface and eat it! Cool!
On the ride back we were all tired from another busy day so we relaxed inside for most of the ride. Those cushioned benches were great for a short nap as we approached the city once again.


Phyllis said...

Thankyou for sharing...love all the photos

cathybcareers said...

Now I remember why I love Sausalito. Just like Amalfi Coast and that return to SF, just like NYC skyline. Love the Sailing Boats in the bay. Grace really seems to be enjoying all the new adventures you guys are sharing.

Kellie said...

Love the pictures. Grace looks like she was having a good time. Keep posting those pictures!!!!

Aunt Jill said...

I know of a great little sailing camp...hmm...let me think. Hannah could be Grace's counselor one day!!!
Love to you all - looks like a fabulous trip. We did San Francisco about 6 years ago - without kids- amazing place.

Aunt Jill