Saturday, September 24, 2011

First signs of fall

A few days ago summer officially turned to fall. You can barely see a hint of color on the tips of some leaves and there is a crispness to the air, especially in the morning and evening. It is time to start pulling out jeans and sweaters and to cuddle under a warm blanket so we can leave the windows open at night.
While Kyle was at soccer this afternoon, Grace and I went to a garden center to get started on our front porch decorations. They had a little fall festival going on so she got to jump in the bouncy house and ride a horse.
We got a snack, looked at all the spooky displays, and came home with a scarecrow and some mums. Grace was a big help putting the flowers in pots and arranging everything in front of the house. She even "played school" with the scarecrow!


Kellie said...

We love your skeleton shirt! Dawson and I are excited for Fall and would like for you to join us for a hayride soon! Cute scarecrow Grace!

cathybcareers said...

You girls started nice and early on the Fall plans. Nana is going to get started on the terrace this weekend. Watch for the witch I will mail it tomorrow.

Phyllis said...

What lovely fall decorations you have put together...Aunt Phyl has to go buy a pumpkin now that she is home. I like your scarecrow