Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting so big

Some days I feel like Grace grows up while she is at school. I drop her off in the morning and by the time I pick her up after work she seems like a much bigger, older, smarter kid to me.
These are her fall school photos. I like them (except for that piece of hair that came out of her flower clip....didn't anyone notice it?) but they are also hard to look at because she isn't my "baby" any more. I miss the baby and toddler days, but I love the "big" kid she is becoming. Hanging out with Grace, talking to her, answering her many questions, and watching her play and learn are all so much fun!


Kellie said...

Love the picture, love the smile, love the big girl! I even see a beautiful sparkle in her eyes! Cute school pictures!

Phyllis said...

Oh Grace, what a big girl you are! Kellie is right, what a beautiful you have...I can't wait to hug and kiss you at Christmas