Saturday, September 17, 2011

No training wheels

For the last three weekends, Grace has been practicing riding her bike without training wheels. I think using the balance bike had a lot to do with how easily she was able to ride once Kyle removed the training wheels.
With help, Grace has been going up and down our street. There is a slight hill so she can pick up a little speed on the way down, but she really has to pedal hard on the way back up to keep her balance.
The first week she did it I ran with her, but the last couple of weekends, Kyle has helped so I can take photos and video. There is a short clip from last Sunday on YouTube. If you want to see it go to and try searching "Grace bike riding.AVI". There are a lot of "Graces" riding their bike for the first time. Our clip was posted under LynnVvideos on Monday, Sept. 12th.
Two other "big kid" things happened she made another friend on our street. Austin is 7 and right now Grace, Cameron, and Austin are playing in his yard. And, Grace wanted a toy she saw on television - My Little Pony Princess Celestia. She told me about it a couple of weeks ago. Then she pointed it out when the commercial came on - many times! So today I told her she could use the money in her bank to buy it. And she did! That kid had $22.41 in coins saved. Kyle says every time she sees coins around the house she asks him if she can have them. Smart girl!

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