Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horse people

Horse people are different. Not being a "horse person" myself, I have always known they live in a different world of stables, shows, and caring for a pretty big animal. Visiting Post Hill Equestrian center today with Grace, made me think that some day I might just understand the difference between "Western" and "English" and the benefits to both, because, as I have said before, we have a little horse lover in our house.
Unfortunately, Grace didn't get to ride a horse today, but we saw about 30 of them. The owners were all really nice and welcomed her questions and allowed her to pet them. She also got her hand painted, made a horse mask, and decorated a horseshoe with glitter paint and jewels.
We got to enjoy what might be one of the last warm autumn days of 2011. And Grace even posed for some pictures.
I think the bribe that we would go into the inflatable jumpy house at the pumpkin farm next door had something to do with it!


cathybcareers said...

We may have a horse lover and a model in Grace. Amazing posing in front of the barn. Sure looks like a model. Love the boots and outfit too.

Kellie said...

Very pretty picture of Grace. i think that's one you should frame!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl loves horses, too. When I was a little girl I wanted to own one, but you couldn't own a horse in Brooklyn. Next time, give the horse a sugar cube or a carrot from me, ok?