Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preparing for the lantern festival

I don't know how Kellie and I have never heard of the Light UP Lantern festival before. This year will be the third year of the festival held on a Saturday night in early October. Kellie and I are always looking for something new to do, so I can't imagine how we missed this artistic event the last couple of years.
Since we are headed to the festival next Saturday night we thought it would be fun to have Grace and Dawson make lanterns to carry with them. The festival sponsors say, "fanciful costumes and lanterns are welcome and encouraged". I know there will be some amazing ones by many local professional and amateur artists.
Our "artists" made these cute ones using plastic jars, paint, and battery-powered tea lights. I think they turned out great. I am glad they decided to make their jack-o-lanterns more colorful than just orange. They seem to fit in well with the creative theme of the festival.
Dawson's lantern is on the left; Grace's is on the right.


Phyllis said...

What amazing Jack o Lanterns you girls made. I think you are going to have such fun at the festival. Make sure that Mommy takes pictures and posts them so Aunt Phyl can see.

cathybcareers said...

Grace and Dawson are so lucky that thei Moms are always finding new adventures. Wish I could come to the festival.

Kellie said...

Fun day! I think our lanterns look great and we can't wait for next weekend! I was so happy to see the weather is going to be a little warmer than this weekend! See you soon!