Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been working A LOT! And I have a lot of Mommy guilt to go along with the long hours I have been putting in at work. But I have been so pleased with Grace's pre-kindergarten teacher and the progress I see Grace making.
Suddenly, she is interested in writing and trying to "sound out" words. And, I see a difference in her drawings. For weeks she has only wanted to draw rainbows (that were colorful but not shaped like a rainbow) but the last few days she has been producing art like this and has elaborate stories to go with it.
In this drawing she told me it is Kyle, me, Grace and the babysitter because Mommy and Daddy had to go to a meeting. The color above the head in the middle is Kyle's hair. I haven't seen her draw people like this before so I find it hard to believe the drawing is hers but Grace is so insistent and she can share so many details about it that she must have drawn it.
Today, when I picked her up from school she was excited to show me the "sentence" she wrote. When I asked her to read it to me she said it says, "My mom is the best ever. I love her to the moon and back." Awwww....Of course it doesn't look anything like that so I asked her to tell me the letters. She pointed out an a, o, h, the number 7, a, t and then h, i, t.

All that work calls for some ice cream!


Phyllis said...

Shoot I could tell right away that that was Kyle, and I see Mommy and the baby sitter. But, I couldn't find Grace anywhere...OH is that her on the side? It must be her.

cathybcareers said...

Great letters Grace. Good sentence. Nana and Ba are so proud.
Your ice cream made Ba want some of his own. He is heading to the refrigerator now.

Kellie said...

We think your drawings and words are super. Maybe one day we will get a letter in the mail from you Grace?