Saturday, February 11, 2012

Play date

Grace had a "play date" this morning with her friend Noah from school, which meant that I had a "play date" with my camera.  My assignment for Week 2 is to take 350 photos (Really? When am I supposed to do that!) experimenting with white balance.  We are also not allowed to be in "auto" mode anymore.  This week we are supposed to be in aperture priority (good for portraits and a blurry background) or manual (yeah, not ready to go there!).  I learned quickly why we need to take 350 dump most of them when you are experimenting (aka: have no idea what you are doing).

Not all of these are "photo class worthy" but they are certainly "blog worthy"!
Hamming it up while waiting for Noah.
It was snowing like crazy outside. I tried to discourage it, 
but you KNOW the kids wanted to go out to play!
Even Daisy got into the action!  I actually might submit these
last two this week for my homework!


The Riggs Family said...

Good shots! I play around in aperture priority, but rarely go into full manual. I need a photography class. Good luck with your 350 photos!

aamayna said...

I like the one of the two of them together! Good luck.... You may be surprised...350 isn't too hard to get to.

Kellie said...

You are doing great! I love the one of Daisy too! Keep shooting all week!

cathybcareers said...

Love the pictures! Take more of Daisy! Call them Crazy Daisy!