Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shopping with Grace

Shopping with Grace is an experience.  She is inquisitive and interested in everything.  These days, she is also Miss Independent so she wanders off very quickly - a scary thing in a crowded mall!

She made us both laugh in Forever 21 with this hat and sunglasses.  As soon as she walked through the door, Grace started dancing to the music.  When she discovered these lovely accessories, she played the part of a model on the runway by prancing up the aisle and striking a pose for me!
I really have no clue what the whole "fist-pumping" thing is.  
Grace was all serious play at the Lego store.  She is still working her way up to "real" Legos and builds with the larger Duplo version right now.   But, who could resist this colorful wall of Lego tiles?  She was tempted to reach in and build...and I was tempted to try to capture the moment.  No looking at the camera here - building is serious business.

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The Riggs Family said...

Have you seen the Lego "Friends" series? They're more "girl" oriented (not that it matters, but I guess not every girl wants Star Wars Legos). They have them at Target. Cate wants them, but I'm not quite sure she's ready. I LOVE that hat and pair of sunglasses!