Friday, October 26, 2012

The wise leader and a bounty hunter

I couldn't have imagined that our jack-o-lanterns would turn out to be characters from Star Wars. But, Grace and Kyle Googled "alien pumpkins" and the rest is history.  Here is how the story played out....
Grace drew her design on newspaper.
Then she transferred her idea all over the pumpkin.
(Good thing rubbing alcohol removes Sharpie!)
With help from Daddy, the top was cut off and
Grace cleaned all the seeds and guts from inside.
Like most 5-year olds she lost interest and went to play and get ready for bed.  When she returned, the two pumpkins turned into Boba Fett (a bounty hunter) and Yoda (the Jedi leader) from Star Wars.  Grace was thrilled, insisting she knows who these characters are.
The finished products in the light and the dark....


cathybcareers said...

Ba said "cool" Great job Kyle.

Phyllis said...

OK Aunt Phyl had a lot of catching up to do. First, I love that Mommy got to come to your class. I remember going to school for Uncle Chris and his brothers. Second, I love the picture of you and Daddy as vampires...real scary stuff. Third, your pumpkins are really great! You and Daddy did a wonderful job...Kudos to you both (Ask Mommy what that means!)