Saturday, June 8, 2013

Alligator breath

On the first official day of (Grace's) summer break, Grace planned a puppet show called "The Island of Bad People".  She used her puppets and stuffed animals for several acts of this play that she said were different "versions" of the same story.

It turns out, only the alligator was a bad character.  The pirate kept looking for him and he kept chasing the other people.

Then Grace got a toothbrush and brused the alligator's teeth.  She said, "His breath is so bad, it'll kill you!"


cathybcareers said...

Wish I was there to see the show!
Nana remembers Abbie and Minnie.
So funny about the Pirate with bad breathe!

Phyllis said...

What a funny the gator with the bad breath!