Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daisy petals

Juliette Gordon Low, who was nicknamed "Daisy" started Girl Scouts in 1912.  Since then, millions of girls have participated in some form of Brownies, Girl Scouts, or Daisies (Daisy Scouts started in the 1980s for kindergarten and first grade girls).  Grace joined Daisy Scouts this January when an energetic group of four mothers from her school decided to take it on and introduce the entire year's curriculum in about 10 weeks!
Each time her troop met, we had a Petal Project to do for homework.  They were about respect, making friends, following rules, taking care of other people, caring for the environment, etc. When you completed a Petal Project you earned a colorful petal to be ironed on your shirt.  Grace also learned the Girl Scout Pledge and some of the "old" songs I remember from my days as a Brownie and Girl Scout.  "Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other is gold. "
With Kendall who lives on our street.
They were looking at the note on the present all the girls received.  
All the kindergarten girls who will still be Daisies for another year.

Today the parents were invited to the end of year party and the "bridging ceremony" where the first graders become Brownies. 

All the girls received certificates, little vases with (what else?) Daisies in them, and pins for their shirts.  This troop decided to make blue T-shirts with the Daisy petals on them instead of buying uniforms or vests.  They turned out cute!

These are the Daisy Scouts from Mrs. Peterson's kindergarten class:  Vasilia, Brooklyn, Makenna, and Grace. 

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cathybcareers said...

So cute! I love the shirt!
Might have to join Daisies to get one. The little vases where a special surprise for the girls too!
Congratulations Grace, Our Daisy Girl.