Sunday, June 30, 2013

But it's a dry heat

Everyone knows that Arizona is famous for its warm temperatures.  Some people thought we were crazy for visiting Scottsdale and Sedona at the end of June, but when you work in education you travel when you have vacation from school.  We don't mind the heat so much, but the truth was VERY HOT.  Maybe the lack of humidity helped to some degree, but we were still sweating when we went for hikes and you couldn't walk on the tile around the pool without shoes.  I am pretty sure we could have cooked an egg on the pavement!
The view from our casita.
 Kyle and Grace were even featured on the local news channel when a reporter interviewed them about how they were handling the record-braking heat of 115 degrees!  After the interview, Kyle commented that they should have talked to a construction worker instead of a guest at a nice hotel sitting by the pool and sipping a cool drink.
We stayed at the Four Seasons and both agreed it was the nicest hotel we have ever been to.  We chose it for the 5-star rating but also for the kids amenities and the fact that the style of the hotel seemed to "fit" with the desert.  All the rooms are called "casitas" and are within three-story buildings.  I liked that the door to each room was on a different level so you didn't share an entry or balcony with anyone else.  Ours had mountain and city views, a fireplace, and was close to the pool, restaurants, and lobby - all helpful in the heat!
Many of the hotels in Scottsdale have kids' clubs but we liked the one at the Four Seasons because the Kids For all Seasons activities were included in the price of the room.  So we felt comfortable if Grace wanted to go over for a craft or a movie and not stay all day.  It turned out she liked it so much that she asked us to bring her back!   The Four Seasons also makes kids feel welcome by bringing them surprises on the first day.  Grace received this cute S'mores tray and in invitation to the club right after we arrived.  And later that night she got a juice box and trail mix as a snack before bed.  Each day there were free smoothies and snacks at the pool, too!
I'm going to prepare you now....I took over 100 photos in the five days we were in Arizona. At one point, Grace said, "Mom, I wish you didn't even have a camera".  We had a talk then about how someday she will want to see the photos of when she was six, but I was careful to take scenery and not overload on Grace photos.  Arizona is very different from Ohio, so there was a lot to photograph.

And, Grace, when you read this is here, just behind the camera - not in front of it!

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cathybcareers said...

Great shots of the surroundings. Lynn, you are right that everything is so different in Arizona from the places on the East Coast. The rooms looked very special.