Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Action at the net

Can you see Grace in the orange dress taking a shot at tennis lessons yesterday? It was her 7th group lesson and the first time I got to watch.  I think she did a great job and she says she likes it.  In this drill the coach had the kids run to the net to a circle target on the court as he tossed a ball to their rackets.
This was taken with my phone camera from upstairs, through glass so it is not the best quality photo.  

We also got a new addition to our doll family yesterday.  Meet Lily.  Grace has suddenly taken an interest in dolls.  She purchased a double doll stroller last weekend with her birthday money and started talking about American Girl dolls.  Lily isn't an American Girl, but she is very similar and will do until we can make a trip to one of the AG stores in New York, Chicago (my vote - I have never been there!), or Columbus.
We also bought a really cute scooter for Lily and Grace already has a horse from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris that is the perfect size!  She has played with her non-stop since we brought her home.

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cathybcareers said...

Grace is a try "sports" person. Love the going to the net.
I think Lily needs a closet,hangers and clothes; before she gets a AG Friend. Nana might go clothes shopping for Lily; remember SHOP EVERYDAY DAY is my motto.