Saturday, July 20, 2013

Girls just want to have fun

We spent a girls' afternoon with Kellie and Dawson at Kidz Day.  You can see how we are both dealing with a little bit of 6-year old "attitude".  Getting our two sweeties to both look at the camera at the same time - or really do anything at the same time - is a challenge!  I love that they have minds of their own and know what they want, though.  When they do get the same idea at the same time their giggles and heads-together whispers are so adorable and fun to watch!
Kidz Day was full of different family-oriented vendors offering games, balloons, and treats to lure kids and parents to their booths.  There were a lot of interesting things like science experiments, crafts, inflatable obstacle courses, dog training, and music.
Both girls loved their balloons!

And even though they look very serious, they enjoyed their strawberry snow cones!
Grace and Dawson both love animals so the petting zoo area and the dog obedience school were fun for them.

And, what would a Kidz Day be without costumed characters walking around?

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cathybcareers said...

Our girls have amazing eyes! Even when they have "attitude"!!!
These days are special memories. I am sure they will have BIG SECRETS TO SHARE IN THE FUTURE!!!!