Friday, July 12, 2013

Over the moon

Grace and Noah have a very special friendship.  They see each other during the school year at before- and after-school care, but they attend different elementary schools.  Since I have a handful of weeks off for the summer, they really haven't seen much of each other because Grace has been home with us.  But, when these two get together, they don't miss a beat.  It is right back into a comfortable relationship.  Noah is a very sweet, active little boy who is a perfect compliment to our sweet, active little girl.
It was a pleasure to have Noah join us at the pool today.  Grace and Noah played really well together and when they wanted to do different things, they did "rock, paper, scissors" to decide what they would do first.

The big excitement of the day was that they got to go down the green slide.  You have to be 48 inches tall to go on those slides.  They open up into 6 feet of water.  The lifeguard told Grace she was just a little bit under 48 inches but asked if she could swim.  That little girl swam her heart out about 25 times to get to the side of the pool after racing down the slide with her friend!

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cathybcareers said...

This is the perfect "boys and girls can play together"!! Love the rock, paper, scissors plan too!