Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aternoon of Interactive Art

Our visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art was a totally new experience since they have recently renovated the museum.  After coming in from the cold, we were pleasantly surprised by the bright atrium with interesting sculpture and living art.

There was such clear, bright light in this area from the white stone and glass ceiling.
Grace took this one of use with my big DSLR camera.
In Gallery One, the art is interactive.  Children are expected to touch everything.
There are giant touch screen computers where you can investigate what you are seeing.  It was great for kids!  They had "games" where you could pose like a statue, draw a line (or squiggle, or shape) and a piece of art would appear on the screen with that shape in it, and you could use your iPad to hear more about the art through a special free app.
Grace used a scavenger hunt to keep her engaged in the art as we walked through the other galleries upstairs.

We didn't find everything on the list, but we saw some amazing things - even a giant carved stone wall from Guatemala!  Grace was funny in the Hindu exhibits.  She just sat down like this to pray.
She was very interested in body parts!  And there were a lot of them on the statues and in the paintings.
There were a lot of pieces that I liked in the museum.
I think these "stained glass" windows were very memorable.  The interesting thing is that they are made of REAL butterflies!  The artist bred them just for his art.  Cool.  And very sad.


Nana said...

Another great Family Day! I painted today too! I like the photo of Mommy and Daddy. Mommy looks nervous that Grace has the Big Camera...LOL.
My favorite is the zen posing!

Phyllis said...

WHat an amazing place. It seems as though you could spend a few days there discovering all sorts of good things. I think that you took a great picture of Mommy and Daddy!