Sunday, May 4, 2014

A song in my heart

I am not really sure how "Singing in the Rain" became Grace's special song with Ba, but Grace asked her piano teacher if she could learn it.  Today, she got dressed up and performed the song at her spring recital at Kent State.
Grace and Kyle have been working hard on the song (and two others) so she would be ready for today.  
Her piano teacher chose a version of the song that is appropriate for Grace's ability right now.  I love looking at the music and all the hand-written notes on it.
I also love watching her at the grand piano!  I wonder if our dining room will become a piano room some day.  Hmmm...I'd better start researching how much one of these costs!
I got lucky since Grace cooperated and let me take a bunch of photos!
Grace said she likes this dress because it looks like Elsa from "Frozen".  Like every other elementary school girl, she is obsessed with that movie!


Nana said...

Good idea turning the dining room to a Piano room. You can always use bar stools to have dinner on the piano!! Great photos!!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Phyl is still laughing at your "saucy" poses....You look so grown up! I love seeing you at the piano, it has always been my favorite instrument...Keep practicing Grace, keep practicing!