Sunday, October 12, 2014

A pumpkin for my pumpkin

We needed to get our pumpkins to finish the fall decorating outside the house.  Szalay's Farm is always a good place to go.

They had HUGE pumpkins.  Some were so big there was no way we could lift them.  But, we chose reasonable size pumpkins that are perfect for carving in a couple of weeks. 

Grace was very interested in the rock band graveyard. She looked at the tombstones very carefully and asked why they didn't have names on them. I think she might have been a tiny bit afraid.


Nana said...

I love the Mommy and Grace pictures! Rarely get to see them!!
The fall in Ohio is on my calender for next October for sure!!

Phyllis said...

I think that those are some mighty BIG pumpkins that you found. Now, please tell Daddy to smile! We miss his nice smile. Love the Mommy and Grace pictures, too.