Friday, October 24, 2014

Hectic Halloween

Volunteering in Grace's 2nd grade classroom for their Halloween party and parade was 1 1/2 hours of hectic fun with the kids.

The head room parents did a great job of planning a creative snack - donuts with vampire teeth - games like "make your buddy a mummy" and Halloween BINGO with candy corn, and sent all the students home with goodie bags and a ghost pretzel at the end.
The kids all seemed really excited to put on their costumes.  The whole school paraded in each classroom and then that class tagged on the end of the line to follow the parade into the gym for parents and guests.  I saw some of the parade in the hall outside Grace's classroom.  There were lots of cute costumes and I was surprised there weren't more "Elsas" given how popular the Disney "Frozen" movie is right now!

You should have seen the classroom after 22 second graders wrapped each other up in 22 rolls of toilet paper!

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Nana said...

Grace looks pretty as Elsa with the Blonde hair and even with her pretty brown hair. Love the little Flower in her hair too!