Sunday, December 7, 2014

How many years make a tradition?

This was the fourth year Grace and I went to see The Nutcracker at the Akron Civic Theater.  It is a nice, local production that utilizes the talents of dancers from a dance studio as well as brings in principal dancers from other parts of the country.  After 4 years, I notice that some of the same adults are in this performance year after year and the children who are students progress through the roles as their dancing skills improve.

Thanks to Nana and Ba we bought this AMAZING nutcracker to add to Grace's collection.  She now has three.  If you are keeping track, that is one for each year except the first year when Grace was afraid of the nutcracker and didn't want to take one home!
This one is standing on a silver sparkle tray of cookies that he looks like he just baked. Hanging from his belt are a set of measuring spoons and a wafer cookie to match one of them on the tray. We love the glitter that matches the others in the collection.
Grace's piano teacher also has a nutcracker collection.  So, Grace chose the silver one as a gift for her.
When I asked Grace what she liked best about The Nutcracker she said, " I can't choose.  It was all so good!"  I think it had more meaning this year since she is starting to understand the discipline and athleticism that ballet requires.  Her teacher, Eric Carvill, is in Hawaii for the next two weeks performing in The Nutcracker. I think that is great!

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Nana said...

Love the see the new Nutcracker and how the collection is growing.
I think a good tradition is worth repeating over and over again!