Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I guess we were on the "nice" list

Santa came....a day early since he knows we go to Florida on Christmas Day.

Grace woke us up at 7:45...she NEVER wakes up that early when we don't have to go to school/work. She was very excited to open her presents and to give presents to Kyle and me.  On the list this year were: a spy kit that came with a trenchcoat and night vision glasses, lots of Frozen stuff including Elsa, Anna, and Christoff dolls, an iPod touch, kinetic sand, and a wardrobe for her American Girl doll clothes.  Grace seemed pleased with what she got and played with most of it during the day before Kyle's family came for dinner.  Grace, Vaughan, and Elijah had fun with each other and they were especially cute showing off their magic tricks and playing Christmas carols on the keyboard.  I am so glad they have a close relationship!

Tomorrow we head south for some sunshine - I hope!

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Phyllis said...

As I write this, you three are on the plane heading for FL...Not too much sunshine today, but, hopefully we will have lots of sunshine to share the rest of the week. Merry Christmas Grace, Mommy and Daddy...see you real soon!