Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Water, water everywhere

Our tradition for the last several years is to fly to Florida on Christmas Day to spend some time with the Brennan/Marino clan and soak up some December sunshine.

After a delicious and lively dinner at Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Mickey's, the first full day of our trip started out with rain but that didn't stop us - it was still warmer than Ohio!  Nancy and Chris, Grace's Godparents, took her to get her ears pierced.



Grace was very brave...she didn't even have one tear!  We love the rainbow flowers she chose as her very first pair of earrings.  Thanks, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chris!

The rest of the trip was all about the water.  We went swimming in the pool every day for HOURS!

We watched the boats on the intracoastal waterway and looked for manatees.  The only sea creatures we saw there were jellyfish, though!

We took walks on the beach and found some great shells to bring back to our beach on the lake.

Friends from Ohio joined us on the beach for the day.  Grace, Madeline, and Jonah had a great time building sand castles, running in and out of the waves, and playing together.

Inspired by the boats and jet skis driving past the condo all day long, we decided to rent a jet ski in Boynton Beach.  That was so much fun.  Grace loved jumping the waves and going super fast!
It was a wet and wonderful vacation and a great way to end 2014.
Now that we are home we have a different type of "water" outside our windows....still pretty but much colder!

We are ready for 2015!  Happy New Year! 


Phyllis said...

I love Christmas, not only because it is Christmas, but because I get to see Grace, and her Mommy and Daddy. I wish that we could have had much more time seems that you keep growing and growing, and we all keep shrinking, lol. I am sure that Buddy and Daisy missed you, but it was wonderful to have you here for a short while. Maybe you will come back soon.

Nana said...

I love all the pictures and fun times we had together. Come back soon!