Friday, April 3, 2015


It is interesting what we take for granted.  US Citizenship, for example.  I never think about my own status as an American but I am sometimes reminded of it for Grace.  As an adoptive parent of a child born in another country, I visited Guatemala in 2007 - of course to meet Grace - but also so that when she entered our country she would immediately become a citizen.  That date was March 11, 2008 when my mom and I were so nervous in the Houston airport going through Customs and Immigration, holding a manila envelope that we were told to guard with our lives.

As soon as we were able, Grace got a United States passport - a document that would prove her citizenship, if it were ever questioned.  For me, having that passport is security of all the rights and responsibilities of living in the country.  Unless you plan to travel outside the United States, most people probably don't have a passport.  For us, it is a necessity.  Especially as a read articles and hear accounts of people (children) who face deportation because their parents didn't take care of the necessary documentation to make sure their child's citizenship was never questioned.

Today, we went to renew Grace's passport.  I told her it was a big deal and she needed to take it seriously.  She understands that when we go through TSA security at the airport she must listen and not mess around.  Grace chose this adorable outfit for her appointment to review her paperwork for her 2nd US passport.  My big girl...

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Nana said...

This is my favorite Little KItty! Good job MaMa explaining; "not to mess around"! Remember that photo we took of Grace with the American Flag in Houston and the other family asking to borrow it??