Friday, October 23, 2015

And fall continues...

The leaves are at their peak in Ohio.  Grace and I went on a walk the other day and started to collect as many different leaves as possible.  While we were walking Grace said we should glue the leaves on paper.  What a great idea!

It is only a week until Halloween so we figured it was time to carve our pumpkins.

Grace got right to work designing her pumpkin with freckles and eyeglasses.  There was no hesitation.  She knew exactly what she wanted it to look like.

It didn't take long for the table to look like this.  For some reason, my pumpkin had moldy seeds inside. I had never seen that before but I predict mine will be the first one we end up throwing out.

After the insides were cleaned out, there wasn't much Grace could do.  She isn't ready to use a knife to carve her own pumpkin.  So she walked around with her iPod Touch and created a video diary, narrating the whole process. I overheard her say something about putting it on her YouTube channel. She doesn't have one of those but it is funny to hear her talk about it! (You can see her filming in the back of the next photo.)

We turned the lights off to see how the jack-o-lanterns looked in the middle of carving.

And then we lined them up on our porch.  You can't really tell, but the stem of my pumpkin is its nose!