Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tiger trick-or-treat

Grace got a lot of use out of her costume this year at a Halloween party, dance class, her school parade, visiting a nursing home, and to go trick-or-treating tonight with her friends.

These are from the nursing home, Heritage of Hudson.  Grace's friend, Haley's mom works there and they have a HUGE event for the patients.  Hundreds of people attended.

Grace allowed me to make a nose and whiskers that night.

Haley was a cute cupcake! 

At school, another parent took this photo of Grace and one of her close friends, Mariska.  I love her Egyptian costume.  Her mom said they have a friend who works at a theater and that is where they got it.

Tonight, Grace went Trick-or-Treating with her neighborhood friends, Camryn and Paige.  They left from Cami's house, so I didn't get to see the three girls together in their costumes.  I am hoping to on their way back.  But my little tiger posed for me before she left.

She kills me!  When Grace is in the mood, I get these funny poses that show her silly personality. That makes for one happy mama.

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