Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fickle Fall

It has been almost a month since my last post. We have been busy - just not doing things that I would choose to photograph.  It is "officially" fall and in the last 24 hours it has rained, been really cold (we even put the heat on in the house), the sun came out, and it is now warm enough to wear shorts. Welcome to (early) fall in Ohio!

This morning we went on a new adventure to find the Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga National Park. As I have said before, we are vey lucky to live right near a national park.  There are so many trails and different areas to discover and it is pretty in all seasons, although you probably will not find ME out there in the middle of winter.

Our warm-blooded Latina prefers to be warm and toasty, too.  She started her day with her winter coat, hat, and gloves....that was much more than she needed and quickly took them off for the rest of the hike.

We discovered the Boston Tail Head and walked on Buckeye Trail for a little bit until we found the falls and a little creek.

Our ballerina dances wherever she is these days.  She is always working on holding her arms steady and pointing her toes!

The filtered sunlight was so pretty.   We tried to walk along the creek without getting too wet.

But it was inevitable that someone was going to get pretty wet and muddy.   Hmmm...I wonder who!

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