Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cell phone dump

Like everyone else in the world, I use my cell phone camera to chronicle the day-to-day happenings around here. It makes it very easy to post to Facebook and to send photos so family and friends who live far away can be a part of our lives.  Today, I was "cleaning up" my cell phone photo album and laughed at how the photos show Grace's true, funny, goofy personality and some of the silly things she does.  So, here is a cell phone dump from the last few months.

Grace found this burlap coffee sack when we were having coffee and dessert at a little shop in Hudson.  We passed on buying it, though - $50!

As the ballerina's hair gets longer, we try to find ways to keep it under control.  The side pony with a headband is one of my favorite styles.

Off to ballet class!

At El Campesino for her birthday dinner.

Sometimes I think we are living with a teenager.

There is a kids' clothing styling service called Kidpik.  You go online and complete a style profile and then you sign up to receive a box of clothes.  You only pay for what you keep and shipping is free. These next three photos show what Grace got in her box.  We kept it all!

Tennis, swimming, and golf all week at Old Train summer camp.  She had a great time.

Cooling off...don't ask!


Nana said...

We would be soooooooooooooooo sad if the blog ended!! Great way to stay connected and we both look at the photos over and over and laugh!! Funny kid!

Phyllis said...

What great pictures! And Grace, you are a character! Love your crazy poses. The outfits you kept are truly great, and you look wonderful in them. Aunt Phyl really enjoys seeing what you are up to in Ohio.