Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's a choice

Last night, Kyle and I took a "date night" cooking class at the Western Reserve School of Cooking. After the class was over and we sampled food as good as any restaurant, he commented how no one was on their phone - texting, taking a call, or posting to social media - for 3 hours.  That is a big deal today.  I felt the same way about Grace's recital today.  At times, I really wanted a video of her dances so I could watch (okay, critique) them again.  But then I thought about just being present and enjoying the moment for what it was.  Grace did great.  Driving to her call time, we talked about "Confident" being her theme song today.  And, it truly was.  She was so beautiful and poised on the stage.

So....all that being said, I only have these two photos of the finale (far right, waving) and in front of the HCB sign.  It makes me really happy I was there for the rehearsals to have a handful of photos to remember this stage in Grace's life.


Nana said...

We understand about "no videos" enjoy every minute!! Time does fly by too fast. Grace looks so professional.

Phyllis said...

Such a "Grace"ful ballerina!
Pun intended. Aunt Phyl loves you