Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dress rehearsal

This weekend completes two years that Grace has been dancing with Hudson Conservatory of Ballet. This year, she has danced three days per week - almost 6 hours - taking ballet and jazz classes.  Their spring recital (or "review" as the directors call it) is Sunday.  With the slower pace at work now that school is done for the summer, I was able to volunteer in the dressing rooms.  Here is a little glimpse of the backstage world of our little dancers.

Grace and Addison

They are dancing to Katy Perry's "Firework" for their jazz dance.  Uncle Chris thinks these outfits are too short!

Last costume change for the night.  Grace is one of the few who are in the jazz number and then have to quickly change into ballet again.  She was hot and tired, but still gave me a little pose (only because I told her it makes Ba happy!)

In the car on the way home, Grace said, "This is a lot for a 9-year old".  She added that Mr. Eric (the headmaster) gave her some things to work on - smile, strong arms and legs, timing, and not to look at anyone else - and she needed to think about all that before Sunday.
Aubrey and Grace helping to clean up.


Nana said...

This blog is like a watching a backstage show!

Love the growth in Grace this year! Her hands and fee; combined with the strong arms and legs really show!

Good Luck to our dancer from Nana and Ba.

Phyllis said...

This is a big commitment for a 9 year old...but I know you can do it, Grace. You look so much like a professional dancer. I love all your costumes.

Love you,

Aunt Phyl