Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The busy streets of Antigua

Before going on this trip to Guatemala, Grace didn't have any idea what to expect. We had read some books and looked a pictures of the people and places she would see but nothing can substitute for being there and experiencing it yourself.

Most of the time, the streets of Antigua were crowded with people, buses, vans, cars, Tuk-tuks, horses, bicycles, and scooters.  It is a busy, bustling place, especially on the weekends when the locals come to the markets.

It is common to see many women wearing the traditional indigenous clothing, especially if they are selling handicrafts or food from their farms.  Men and boys are more likely to wear jeans and shirts.

Our Antigua guide, Victor, said that on Saturdays "Antiguenos" will drive even if they only have to go 5 blocks.  Everyone is trying to navigate the stone streets and narrow, uneven sidewalks at the same time!

Families must pay for their children to attend school.  There is no required age to attend, so a lot of people don't go to school, go for a short time, or go sporadically depending on whether they need to work to help support their families.  Those that do attend school go from 7:30am-12:30pm.  We saw a lot of students returning home mid-day wearing uniforms that designated which school they attend.

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Nana said...

Grace did a great job going up to the people from Antigua and sharing toys and gifts she bought from the USA.