Sunday, July 17, 2016

To market, to market...

There never seems to be enough time to explore the Guatemalan handicrafts markets. The colors of the weaving, paintings, jewelry, and wood carvings rival that of any markets in the world.

No matter where you go in Antigua and Panajachel, people are on every corner trying to sell their items for a "good price".

You are supposed to bargain, but, truly, the first price they offer is so good by US standards, it feels "wrong" to try to bargain the seller down!

We were thoughtful and careful about the items we selected like this Umbro soccer jacket and backpack for Grace.  The jacket would easily cost $30-40 at home.  We paid $7.

I prefer the street markets like this one at El Carmen (which is only open on the weekends) because you can feel the energy of the city while you shop.  Sometimes the stores and indoor markets can seem dark and hot - not the greatest for spending money!

Next time we go to Guatemala we are going to rent a house or apartment so we can live more like the locals.  But, I am pretty sure we won't be buying chickens! Looking at them is enough!

These girls can "shop 'til they drop".  We all certainly helped the Guatemalan economy.

Nana bought this necklace in Guatemala - it has coffee beans mixed in with the beads!


nana said...

Love my necklace, so different. The street markets are fun and nexttime I am carrying a big shopping bag! Also, making more stops for drinks and then shop again!Love the backpack too!

Phyllis said...

Love the colors of Guatemala! Everything is so vibrant and real. I still have a pocketbook that your Mom bought me on one of her trips to get you, Grace. It looks a bit like your back pack.