Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dance Mom

This is the second year that Grace will be in The Nutcracker Suite with the Hudson Conservatory of Ballet.  She has the same role as last year - a Polichinelle - which was fine with her.  The girls have been rehearsing since September.  This week things get "real" (as Grace would say) as they take their hard work to the performance venue for technical and dress rehearsals on the stage.  I volunteered as a "dance mom" to chaperone the girls backstage, make sure they get into their costumes, put in hairpieces, and escort them to the snack table and restroom.  Fun times.  Actually, it was an exhausting (and stressful!) 5 hours and I didn't even dance!

These are all iPhone snapshots in really bad lighting with moving children. Now, doesn't that make you want to keep reading?

Grace and Annalise have become good friends this year. 

A new scene has been added to the first act before the Hudson Youth Choir sings. 

Backstage, the girls took photos, played cards, and listened to music
 on their devices to keep busy until it was their turn to dance.

At the end of the evening, after being there for almost 5 hours, Eric talked to the girls about being ready and focused when it is their turn.

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Nana said...

So beautiful and makes Nana and Ba smile all the time. We love the blog!!