Monday, November 28, 2016

Nutcracker Night

Thanksgiving week was busy with rehearsals - some days the girls were there for 8 hours! - and two performances of the Nutcracker Suite.  It was tiring but a lot of fun and another great accomplishment for Grace and her friends.
Cast dinner with Annie and Annalise

Between rehearsals we squeezed in a little decorating silliness!

Buddy missed Grace when she was at dance that week.

I didn't get any photos during the show this year.  Annalise's mom took this one of some of the Pollichinelle's.  Grace is on the left.

It is amazing how much energy the dancers had after the show.  It must be like a runner's "high"! They were happy to greet their guests and take photos together.

With Mother Ginger

Isabella, Maggie, Grace, and Annalise

With Clara (Caroline)

Mom's favorite - Marzipans!

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Phyllis said...

What a beautiful ballerina you make. Aunt Phyl can't wait for you to show her some of your pliés and twirls.