Monday, December 12, 2016

Freedom and Boys to Men

Does that title make you wonder what this post is about?  After doing this blog for 9 years, it is a challenge to keep coming up with new titles.  This one is about our Saturday in NYC.

Grace learned about 9/11 this fall in school.  Up until now, the focus has been more about the heroes who helped rather than the details of terrorism and the tragic death of so many people.  She was really affected by what she learned and read a few books to supplement the discussion in the classroom.  One of those was a book in the I Survived series - historical fiction that is very popular with 3-5th graders right now.  So on Saturday morning, we decided to get up "earlyish" and take the subway to see the 9/11 memorial and Freedom Tower.

At first Grace was skeptical of the subway.  But the station at 59th street was like an indoor mall.  It is comical how easily her mind was changed!  If we had more time, I might have gone back to sample some of the food (yes, I just said I would eat food from a subway station) and do a little shopping. My current favorite store - LUSH - was there!

At Chambers Street we exited to the street and turned the corner to this view!  Grace took some of these photos with the cloud reflection using her iPod.

She told us that the Freedom Tower was built differently than the Twin Towers so if a place would fly into it now, it wouldn't collapse.

Hang out with a 9-year old - get selfies!

Or, you can ask someone to take a photo for you.

Later in the day, Grace got Surprise #3 - the Brennan boys, who are all now men.

We wandered around the city and made our way to Bryant Park and Rockerfeller Center. It was SO crowded everywhere!

Nothing like a New York hot dog from the man on the street!

Love this photo of all of us in Bryant Park.  Since we couldn't get near "the" tree, this was a good substitute.

The kids were amazed by a street artist who used spray paint to make these creations.  Nana bought one for Ryan and Grace.  Connor saved his spending money.

Hungry and tired, we left the crowds to find a quiet Italian restaurant for dinner.  What a great day!

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Phyllis said...

What a fun time it looks like you had. The subway is so interesting if you look around you and see what is offered. I love NYC and I am so happy that you got to go and see your cousins too