Thursday, December 8, 2016

We'll take Manhattan

A girls' trip to New York was just what the ladies ordered to take a break from the normal day-to-day routine.  We surprised Grace on the night before with a letter from her elf that said she was going to New York.  I was at a meeting and got text after text of her telling me how excited she was!  We NEVER let her skip school so this WAS A BIG DEAL!

When we arrived at Laguardia Surprise #2 was waiting for Grace - Nana!  It was so cool to see her run through the baggage claim area to give her a huge hug. They have such a special relationship.

What is funny is that we stayed in an apartment in the same building where Nana and Ba lived for years.  It was just like going "home".

After lunch (NYC pizza!) and a nap we were ready to explore the city and the Macy's windows.  I liked the traditional "Yes. Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" windows better than the 2016 windows. Although they were both colorful and fun.

Once inside Macy's we ate dinner, Grace chose the perfect Nutcracker to add to her collection, and we visited Santa - the REAL Santa, of course.

Grace told him she wants baby dolls and Barbie clothes.  Santa even asked me what I want.  I said no one asks me that question so I will have to think about it....maybe I will write him a letter.

Then, it was off to bed...we had a big day planned for Saturday.  Good night, New York.

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