Friday, December 16, 2016


Grace says she is a "tomboy".  I am not sure about that, but she does prefer to play with the boys in her class.  This year there are 18 boys and 8 girls in Mr. Rood's classroom.  It might just be easier to hang out with the boys because there are more of them.  And, we are sure there is a lot less drama!

Mr. Rood posted this photo of afternoon recess on Facebook. The kids had a great time making a snowman.

Fourth graders at Grace's school can get involved in an after-school STEM program.  Ryan (on Grace's left between Grace and the boy with the blue hat) asked her to be his lab partner.  The first session (5 lessons) introduced students to SPHERO, a robotic sphere that you can control from an app on your device.  As you get more advanced, you can program the SPHERO to do different things like jump, dance to music, and go around corners.  Grace got one as an early Christmas present.  It is cool, but I am not sure Buddy likes it!

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