Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017

Well, another year is behind us.  Welcome, 2017! This is the year Grace turns double-digits.  It seems like that happened so fast but when I look back at those years, they have been filled with many big and small memories.  Grace likes us to tell her stories about when she was "little" so I am glad I have this blog to help me remember the milestones and the little day-to-day things that happened.

After a low-key New Year's Eve we had a lazy New Year's Day.  I think coming back to grey skies and snow after sunny, warm Florida made all three of us want to hibernate.  It is back to work for me tomorrow, so we made cookies, stayed in pjs, and took down all the Christmas decorations.

That's all.  And, that was enough.

Grace "painted" her cookies with food coloring.  Also, notice how pretty her nails are.  She and Nana went to have them polished when we were in Florida.

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