Tuesday, January 31, 2017

She worked hard for this

One of the perks of being a 4th grader at Fishcreek Elementary School is that you are the "big" kids now.  They have two things 4th graders can be involved in - Student Council and Safety Patrol.  From the first day of school, Grace talked about wanting to be on Safety Patrol because she wanted to help the younger students.  Basically, students on Safety Patrol, help the younger children line up and board the school bus.

At the beginning of the school year, Grace wasn't eligible to do this because she didn't take the bus home after school.  Since I am at work and Kyle had soccer, she needed to go to daycare until one of us could pick her up.  Once she did start taking the bus home in the afternoons, she needed the recommendation of her teacher.  At that time, he felt that she needed to focus a little more on, well, "focusing" in class. It seems Grace was a social butterfly in the classroom.  She was disappointed, but decided to concentrate on her goal.  And, finally, at the beginning of January she made it!

January ended with two snow days for me - January 30 and 31st - so yesterday was the first time I was home when Grace got off the school bus in her Safety Patrol sash and badge.  She was so proud. Way to go, Big Girl!

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