Sunday, July 2, 2017

A trickle becomes a river

Over and over when we traveled around Colorado we marveled at the scenery.  I kept saying, "Can you imagine what it might have been like to be a Native American or an early settler when there were no roads and you saw all this for miles and miles?"

Our first adventure was the Royal Gorge about an hour away from Colorado Springs.  The gorge is only 40-50 feet wide at the bottom (which makes it a gorge and not a canyon) with the Arkansas River flowing through it.  It is 10 miles long and surrounded by 1,00 foot red granite walls.  

The attraction here is a suspension bridge and gondola ride that span the width of the canyon.  We rode the gondola over and then walked back on the bridge.

There was just enough time for lunch with a view before we headed to River Runners for a white water rafting trip of Bighorn Sheep Canyon.  They promised Class II and III rapids (the most Grace was allowed to do at 10 years old) which is what we experienced.

A nice person on the river banks took some photos of us on the river and sent them to me!

Our guide, Mike D, recommended that we head back to Colorado Springs along a scenic road called Skyline Drive.  We found it with our phone GPS and headed up a cliff road just as a thunderstorm was rolling in.  It was very exciting and reminded me a little of the road from Sorento to Positano...but later in the week, we took other mountain roads that made this one look tame.

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