Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hunting for moose

We vent to Boulder for lunch (and dinner!) on our final day in Colorado.  We all agreed it was a great place and we need to go back in the near future to spend more time there.

Our main goal this day was to hike "off the grid" (a little) to find some mountain lakes and maybe see a moose or two.  We left Boulder and drove into the mountains to Brainard Lake.  It was a  gorgeous 3 hour hike with hills of melting snow along the trail. We made it to Mitchell Lake where Kyle took a dip in the  crystal clear, freezing water.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any moose (but Grace bought a little stuffed moose to take home.  She named him Mitchell after Mitchell Lake).

And...luckily, we didn't encounter any mountain lions!

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