Sunday, July 9, 2017

And the summer fun continues...

I am not done posting our Colorado photos, but the summer keeps moving along.  We are working through our summer bucket list with many fun activities.  Plus, some surprises have popped up!

On the bucket list was Grace's first visit to Cedar Point. We went on July 4th with Jill and Jacob and had a great day letting the kids take the lead.

They both ended up trying rides that they might have if they had been alone.  We also discovered that Grace likes roller coasters!  She rode Gemini, the Iron Dragon, and the mine coaster.

One of the things on our list is a visit to a Lake Erie beach.  We live about an hour away from the lake but to always seems so far away.  The tall ship festival at Fairport Harbor was a good excuse to drive up there.

We started out by exploring the one ship that was docked at the festival site.  After a little walk we came back but no other boats had arrived.  When I inquired about why there was only one ship, they said the others didn't show up and they offered us a FREE 90-minute ride on the lake.  This was the equivalent of $130, which was great, but we had about an hour to wait until the next trip.  So, while we waited we walked over to the beach.

We also climbed the 69 steps to the top of the lighthouse and squeezed through the hole at the top for a 360-degree view.

When we came down, Grace found a painted rock that is part of #NortheastOhio Rocks.  We have found a few so far.

When it was time to set sail, we were ready for a peaceful ride on the lake. We rode the Madeline, a 65-foot schooner from Michigan.  The captain told us that after today in Ohio they were going to sail for 72 hours to get back to their home port.  They will have half their crew working and half asleep in 6 hour shifts for the entire sail back home.

Grace was the only child on board and she volunteered to help raise the sails.  She was very interested in learning how they use the sails to move the boat and asked a lot of questions.

Sailing a tall ship was not on the list, but we added it when we got home.  Check!

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