Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Day

I can't believe it has been three years since March 6, 2008 - the day Grace was put in my arms and we started our "forever family". I look back at the pictures from that day and it feels like a lifetime ago. It is really hard to remember my life without her in it.

Oh, look at my little baby! She was only 9 1/2 months old, not walking or crawling yet, with a perpetual runny nose and little bumps on her cheeks (her foster mother said were mosquito bites from their recent trip to the beach). Even then, she was bright-eyed, observant, and fascinated with music. It was amazing to watch her pay attention to every sound and new sight like she was storing the information in her brain (which, I guess, she probably was!). Grace could sit up on her own and she did her best to roll around and reach for what she wanted. She also had chubby cheeks and a couple of little teeth on the bottom of her mouth that you could see when she smiled!

Today, this little girl is just as amazing.

There is a book called If I Could Keep You Little that makes me think about how fast time is flying. In some ways, I want Grace to stay my little baby, but then I would miss seeing all the wonderful things she is discovering, everything she is learning, and the way she is growing into a fabulous human being.


cb said...

Good Forever Family Day photos. Nana was laughing when I started remembering Grace on the floor in our room. Maybe she was thinking "who are these nuts". We where so happy trying on the clothes. Then off to the pool and the festival in Antigua.Great memories, but I like the new memories we are creating best.

Kellie said...

Happy Family Day! We love this girl too! My favorite thing about her (now) is whenever I see her, I get great big hugs without asking!!! I LOVE that!!!