Sunday, March 27, 2011

The lion is winning

Do you remember that old saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"? Well, not around here! Grace's preschool class learned about "lion and lamb days" at the beginning of the month and they have been charting the days to see if the lion or the lamb will win. Each day, she tells me if it is a "lion day" or a "lamb day".We took a little mini spring (?) vacation this weekend. Grace reminded me that it was a lion day when we were at the Columbus Zoo, but we had a lot of fun even though it was VERY cold for the end of March! We tried to see different animals from the ones that are at our local zoo - like moose, arctic foxes, and wolves. I think since we walked through the North America part of the zoo we got lucky that the animals preferred cooler weather and were more active. My favorite were the brown bears. I couldn't believe how huge they were. The polar bears seemed to be performing for people. Their tank had a section where you could go below them and see them swimming and frolicking from a different perspective.This display shows that adult polar bears are the biggest bears, but at this zoo, they must have been young, since the brown bears were much bigger! Grace was surprised that she was almost as big as a bear....well, the Sun bear, at least!Another unique animal to this zoo was the manatees. They had a really nice, bright enclosure that made you feel like you were in Florida - a welcome relief from the cold air outside. The three manatees that were here were all injured by boats in Florida so they were brought to this zoo. Grace wasn't too interested in them, though. She preferred to pretend she was driving the boat through the Everglades.When we asked Grace what her favorite part of the zoo was, she said petting the goats. She loved the petting zoo area because the animals were the perfect size for her and she was able to comb and brush them. Grace had a little cold and I was worried about being outside for so long, but you can see how happy she was from these photos! I, on the other hand, was not too thrilled when a big goat with a beard came and put his head on my shoulder when I was bent down taking pictures! My yelp certainly made some other visitors laugh!Even though we were only away for one night, we packed a lot into the two days including swimming in the pool (three times!), going out to eat multiple times, and attending a professional soccer game on Saturday. To Grace, it was a "vacation" and she called the hotel our "vacation house". Funny kid!


Phyllis said...

Grace, there are a lot of "lamb days" in Florida where Aunt Phyl lives, and Nana and Ba come. You sure look like you had fun on your mini vacation. I love the pictures of the polar bear feet through the glass. It must have been funny to see the goat put his head on Mommy's shoulder...wish I could have seen that!

cb said...

Nana loves your twinkle toes shoes and how you are fearless jumping into the pool. Some great photos Mama.