Saturday, March 5, 2011

A rainy-ISH Saturday morning

On this rainy-ish morning we met Dawson and Kellie for our second art class.Today, Miss Nancy read a story called Ish by Peter A. Reynolds before they started their art project.
In this book about creativity and the artistic process, the main character, Ramon, loves to draw - anytime, anywhere - until his older brother laughs at his work and Ramon loses confidence. Dejected, Ramon crumples up his art and is about to quit when his younger sister shows him that she has kept all his crumpled efforts. When he declares that the picture of the vase doesn't look like the real thing, she says that it looks "vase-ISH." The child understands that he doesn't have to draw exact replicas and begins to produce paintings that look "tree-ish," "afternoon-ish," and "silly-ish."

Miss Nancy talked to Grace and Dawson as she modeled the process and they all drew their version of a vase with flowers using pencils and black markers. Later, they added watercolors to make their drawings more vibrant.
Dawson really got the idea.Grace's work was a little more "out of the box".
I think she had a lot of fun mixing
her colors to see what would happen!
I tried to let Grace create from the heart so her work was truly all her own. After looking at her work, I wasn't sure she understood the idea, but later when we were in the car I asked her about art class and she easily explained the objective of the lesson. So, I guess what she created really was what she wanted!


cb said...

Nana thinks Dawson is more Monet and Grace is more like Picasso. Both have lots of their work in Paris. I think the girls should take their pads and pencils and join Nana in Paris (soon)I am so jealous, would love to take this class too!

Phyllis said...

Unique is the key word here........Grace's artwork is UNIQUE...a true self expression

Kellie said...

I think her art is just beautiful! In fact, maybe we will get some wonderful art to frame for our houses! Time will tell. Isn't it amazing when you think they are not listening and learning but, they haven't missed a beat?