Friday, April 13, 2012

Dancing in Disney

We returned this evening after four busy days at DisneyWorld.  What fun we had! There are many great memories, but my favorite was when Grace pulled me off the Astro Orbiter ride to follow the pop music she heard.  She made her way from the back of a crowd of adults and children dancing until she got to the front row by the stage.  She danced there with Chip and Dale and Stitch for a LONG time.

Grace was fearless and even tapped Stitch when it was time to choose a partner so he would dance with her!
Nana and I loved watching Grace in her element.  From the day we met her, it was obvious that Grace has music in her soul.  It looked like so much fun that Nana joined in for a couple of songs, too!


cathybcareers said...

Great fun dancing with Stitch and Grace. Grace is right "Stitch is really soft"

Phyllis said...

"I've got the music in me"! That should be your song, Grace...I love to see you dance. One day I will hear you play your keyboard